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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:26 am 
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This is probably more of a restaurant review than a trip report. Oh well.

We enjoyed a simple breakfast on the patio (a couple of fried eggs for him, oatmeal for me). We might have put a couple towels on pool chairs, but geez - they were pretty much all taken by 8am. Kinda silly how a family took up 10 chairs w/ various towels, pool toys, books, etc.... both sides of the pool - all day long. I don't think I ever saw more than 3 being used, and that was just once in the afternoon.

We set out on a long walk from the Divi Dutch Village and meandered our way through the Tam, Divi All Inclusive, casino shops, CDM, ABC, CL, and then back again, walking around the golf section this time to check out the pro shop, Mulligans, etc. We checked out lots of menus on the way to decide on lunch and dinner. Boy, I wish I'd brought tennis shoes. We rewarded our long walk with a screwdriver at the pool bar (different Divi Dutch pool then the one by our room).

Then, we relaxed a little at the pool and patio before heading back out for lunch. We stopped at the Casino first to see if we could win enough for lunch. Nope. Out $20 in the slots. haha. We ended up at Matthew's. Mike's 'fish' sandwich was very good. I had the Matthew's sandwich - it was just okay. chicken, bacon, pineapple all mixed up in something. We always skip the bread to sort of justify the fries! We had a few happy hour drinks and used 10% coupon (food only) from some website I've been using for years (google Aruba Discount Coupons). Total was $46 with some of their tip and a little of ours. We are rarely impressed with the service in Aruba, and this was no different.

Back to the pool until happy hour for a couple of 2 for 1s, and then back to catch up on the golf tournament to see if Tiger still had it in him! I checked on sunset at the beach. Once showered and ready for dinner, we took the shuttle over to Alhambra. Why do we think we will win? Nope. Out $100 total on roulette, slots, and $3 blackjack. Oh well, I think that means we are still up $60 for the week, right? Boy, that won't last long.

We decided on dinner at Twist of Flavors. Excellent choice w/ excellent service by Joy. There was nice soft music w/ live steel drum player. We really enjoyed it. Mike had a couple glasses of a cab he'd never tried before - Dark Horse. He liked it. I prefer cold drinks in warm climates (all climates actually), so rum/gingerale for me. We told the waitress that we wanted to share everything - tomato soup, salad w/ grilled 'grouper', and seafood lasagna. She was really nice and brought the soup out in two cups. All of it was great, but we didn't even eat 1/2 of the lasagna or salad (all the 'fish'). So, that's what lunch will be today. Total was $70 plus our own tip. We were tired, so we didn't even go back to the casino. Back to the room for one episode of Orange is the New Black on the big screen in the room (smart tv w/ Netflix).

We've been to Aruba 12/13 times (I've been once more than hubby), and I think it's odd how we spend our time at different resorts. When we're at the Marriott (all early trips), we spent most of our day at the resort pool and some late afternoons at the beach. At the Holiday Inn (recent trips), we spend almost 100% of the time at the beach and barely ever get in the pool. It might bc we have some 'status' at IHG, so we don't have to stand in line for a palapa. It's assigned to us for the week - front row. Yeah, that must be it. At the Renaissance Marina (to extend our trips a couple days), we only go to the private island. Here - the beach has huge rocks, except for a couple spots. With the pool being so close to our patio, and a nice waterfall giving it some ambiance, we're happy with hanging here. I'm on the patio now.

Boy a lotta words to say we're not doing much... lots of walking, relaxing, drinking, and eating! I'm sure Joey's gonna just love this trip report!

Thanks for reading if you haven't given up yet.


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