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 Post subject: Day 7
PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:11 pm 
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Unlike the other person I did not rest on the seventh day.

After about 10 years of not touring the island we decided to take the morning and do the island.

Note: I have a very small car that we rented so take that into consideration as you read how I abused it by the places I took it.

Up and out by 9:30 and head North towards the lighthouse. Now I realize that as an island how lost can one get. If you go too far in any direction your feet will get wet.

As we head up past Ritz we see the wind surfers out. How the heck do they do it. I have trouble walking and chewing gum.

We go by the "fancy" homes and I see a dirty looking road off to the left side. I am "that guy" that must take roads like that. The ecer adventurous Mrs. AJ says "do it". Road quickly becomes potholed and I am feet from the waves breaking on the shore. On we go and as we hug the North coast I realize that I am further North of the lighthouse which is now in the distance Where the heck am I ? All of a sudden I see a lone car up the dunes. A local weather worne guy is outside the car and I ask how do I get out to the lighthouse. "you have to go back the way you came" he says. What? "if you go any further you will get stuck on the dunes and I have seen it many times before". He asks me to follow him to his trunk. GREAT! I and the get ready to run Mrs. AJ are in the middle of nowhere and this guy wants me to look in the trunk of his "where did they bury the survivors" rusting car. Well he opens the trunk and there are two dead bodies. No not people but two barracuda. He is a free diver and had just caught them. He will sell them to a local restaurant. Great local guy who you would love to spend a day with over some drinks hearing his stories of the old Aruba.

Is this a mirage? As I am talking to the guy and we are in the middle of nowhere on a none existent road along comes a young women on a bicycle with two dogs running beside her. Where is she going??

So back in the car and back along the road till we finally see other cars and head to the lighthouse. Parking lot is full of cars, buses and those off road things. Get out a few pictures and back on the road.

Head South on the East side. Not a lot there usual inner island stuff. I see a very small beat up sign for the Chapel at Alto Vista. Have to say I have never been there.


I use my can't get lost skills and somehow find the Chapel. I get out and just as I start to step into the Chapel I hear this very loud voice coming from all around me...."WHERE THE F--K DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING". The skies darken and lightning hits the ground around me.

That doesn't stop me and I step in. There are a few people inside. I look around step back outside and read the history of the Chapel. Very interesting.

Back in the car and head South again. Next up is the road to the Natural Bridge area. Man is that a kidney crushing journey. Get there get out and take a few pictures. Area is packed and see people that we had seen earlier at the Lighthouse. Were they following me?????

Head back and also a first time stop at the old Gold Refinery. Very interesting history which I never knew.

Back and find my way to Baby Beach area. Very nice and pretty empty of people. Really is a special beach and place.

Next is my quest to find Charlies Bar. Have tried in the past but never did. So its about 12:30PM and I am driving in San Nicholas. What hits me is that the place looks like a ghost town. Middle of the day and 90% 0f local stores look closed. Few people out and about and more cars on the road then people. I see a sign (rare) for a Tourist office. I get out and it's closed. OK but there is a sign for the Post Office. As I walk to it, I pass a glass window that shows the PO Boxes. Well there are two bullet holes in the glass. A sign says OPEN yet the door is locked. Yes, a locked PO Office in mid day. A security guard comes to the door opens it and I ask where Charlies Bar is. He takes me outside and points to the direction and I get back in the car and it's like two blocks away. There it is and it's small (something I am used to hearing). Entire stores around are closed not a person on the street. I step in and the bar and tables a full of people. It's REALLY small.

Back in the car and on to Zeerovers. I soon find a problem. It's closed on Monday's. RATS!

I am as bored as you folks are reading this so the lovely very patient Mrs. AJ drive North again and decide to eat lunch at The West Deck. I really like this place for a quick bite.

Drive through town and back at the Phoenix by 2:00. Up to the room get, get into my Speedo thong and off to the beach.

Ate leftovers for dinner and not much else.

Other than the Eagle and Palm Beach area have to say the island looks like it did 10 years ago.

Have to say the North and East sides of the island have a raw, untamed beauty.


It's a simple case of Mind over Matter.
I don't Mind and you don't matter. Brother Barry

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