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PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:15 pm 
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She (he called her Precious) asked her Dad to invite “HIM”. C’mon Dad, he’s so cute and special. He moaned and said yes. And so ….
The three of them boarded the plane to Aruba on Friday –a single dad, his “Precious” and HIM.
At the hotel on check-in, HE had the good manners to ask the front desk clerk for a separate room. Dad thought it was a wonderful idea and paid for it.
At dinner, HE said he couldn’t wait to get to the beach, “Precious” agreed - Dad assured both that the ocean would be there tomorrow.
Saturday morning’s sun shone on Precious beach waters in front of the hotel welcomed her back into their moistness. He wondered if that small tattoo on her lower back was a new thing. THE STUD was a bit overly muscled and oiled.
Dad thought about Mom and how he missed her. He was an ass to have complained about Martinis at 3 PM. How he missed her bringing them to him and how he delighted in the charade between them that had him pouring Martinis into the sand by the chase lounge. Surely there is an alcoholic crab living deep in the ground somewhere on this beach.
My GOD, 25 years. They have been coming to this small island for 25 years and now without her. Mr. Oily-Muscle-Body was being a bit too cute. The frustrated father called him to talk about “The disastrous Market”. Poor guy walked out of the ocean as if to a hanging. She (Precious) came and rescued him and they both went back into the water while laughing and kicking at the surf. “THE BOD” looked back apologetically.
The callus on the middle finger of his right hand spoke of the many hours of work in his lifetime and the relationship he had with the pencils on his desk - the same pencils that paid for this trip, he thought. Just how many buildings could he design in a lifetime? He had missed so much while doodling buildings.
The attractive lady next to him let her large golden sunglasses slip down on her nose as she looked over at his hand scouting a wedding ring. He noticed and thought that “What the hell”, - “50 isn’t so bad and I’m in great shape for my age.”
OILY BODY showed up and said, “Ok Amigo, what is it you wanted to talk about?” His face was 30% wrinkled flesh and slitting eyes and 70% recently whitened teeth. Dad tried his best but couldn’t hold the remark back – the words stumbled out: “Did your tooth whitening man give you a dozen sun glasses to hand out to people while you talk to them?
“OILY MUSCLES stared at GREAT DAD and the air between them froze. “Precious” needed to calm things down.
“Daddy”, She said in a way that was long and drawn out enough to make a small sentence.
“Yes?” He answered – trying to mimic while not losing his stare-down at OILY MUSCLES
“Tomorrow is for us - so stop looking at the lady next to you. Tomorrow and all of the many Fathers days that will happen on our home away from home belong to just you and me. Mom told me that.”
“You know who else told me that? Dad waited. “He did” and she pointed at OILY BODY.
“Thank you precious.” “Thank you big guy.” The three hugged and slithered in oil as the lady in the lounge next kept looking for the missing ring.
It was Sunday
The three of them had too much brunch and Dad and Precious went to the beach to “Tan and talk”. He dozed off by noon and opened one eye to tell “Precious” to go on and have a good time. She did and THE BOD came over and just moved the ‘METS’ cap a little to save his nose from burning.
The voice from the chase lounge next to him said … “Nice kids.”
“Yeah” He said.
He dreamt of martinis on the beach and alcoholic crabs. And he smelled someone that is no longer there. He heard the giggle of a little girl frolicking in the sand and thought about the tattoo on her back. He thought about her being married and he thought about the white toothed oiled up body that was courting her.
And then he looked from under his cap and saw the lady next to him as she read a novel. She said “Hi”
And he realized, ………
Those aren’t the worst thoughts a man could have.
be well

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:47 am 
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Thank you for another great story. I missed them.

Eagle Beach Boy
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:44 am 
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Charles, another very nice one. I hope Precious appreciates her Father and gives him an extra kiss and hug every day. What I wouldn't give for one more day with my Dad at the beach.

You, sir, have been missed most assuredly.

I know I owe you an email and will get it out soon.


Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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