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 Post subject: Strange rains
PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 9:10 pm 
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Following is fact and not just a story:

Last night at about 8:30 - while sitting on the porch looking at clear Aruba skies with stars shinning and the promise of wonder to come in the childhood stories I would have to start in a few moments, it started to thunder. Loud thunder. Angry and with lightning thunder and all the while the skies remained clear as the warm Palm Beach waters.

Then it started to drizzle. Lightly at first and then more profound but still a drizzle. All the while the skies remained clear as the warm Palm Beach waters. As a matter of fact, the stars shinned a bit brighter.

The lights from our home shone out into the surrounding Cunucu and lit up the Cacti that surrounds the house. They (cactus) were wet and coated with this odd night-time drizzle and the lights from our home lit up the little beads of water that hung on the many needle points. They glistened like thousands of little Christmas balls.

We have a Weimeraner dog named "Chula". Actually my son has it. Anyway that dog sat by the open door for at least one hour and looked out at the beads on the tips of cacti spines and the clear night with rain and lifted alternating ears and eyebrows to figure it out (I suppose). The drizzle came down in soft windless sheets and was reflected by the yard lights of our home. My son said it looked like a "White Matrix" Not until later it dawned on me that he was referring to the green letters that fall soundlessly on the screen of the movie MATRIX.

We went to sleep and woke up to the same drizzle and some happy plants. It is now almost 10:00AM and the slight soundless drizzle continuous. About one hour ago, I went to pick up a worker to help me in the house with some things (I have been putting them off way too long) and we drove by the beach.

There - in front of La Cabana were the early tourists sitting in the drizzle and doing what? Applying sun tan lotion. It speaks of faith.

End of what was actual.

I heard that it is a "Old Wives Tale" that if the Sun is shining and it rains, that the Devil is being beaten with a broom stick by his wife.

This offers three opportunities for thought

#1 Accept it and move on
#2 Question it. For example:

* Do "Old wives really sit around telling tales about the devil?
* Is there a a Mrs Lucifer? If so - who is she? Where does she work? Has she had lypo or any other cosmetic surgery?
* What the hell is the devil doing with a broom stick in his house? Doesn't dirt just incinerate?
* Why would this guy (Lucifer) put up with being beaten just because of rain?

#3 What if this happens at night?

* Does the devil repay her with equal broom sweeps?
* Do either one of them care?
* Maybe they are also sitting and looking at the millions of little shinning droplets on the cacti and reconsidering their path of life. - Who knows.

I opt for #1

be well

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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