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PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:46 pm 
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Mechanical Fishes or Whales

Once you start reading, you come across all sorts of stuff. Name it and a book has been written about it. If you are a DVD addict (I am one) all you have to do is THINK IT and it has been produced and placed on the shiny disc. These are amazing times in an equally as amazing world. Been reading a great deal about sea life. The ocean holds tons of life. There are mammals and fishes and birds along with the reptiles – and let us not forget humans even though we are mammals. The ocean is a nice place to hang out.

The human mammals seem to be the ones making many decisions about the other critters in the sea.
• What can you shoot and extract oil from and what can’t you.
• When can you shoot and extract the oil and when can’t you.
• What has Happy Feet and what doesn’t
• What sea critters love us humans and what critters don’t
• When are crabs OK to hunt and when aren’t they
• When are Tuna ok to hunt and place in small cans and - when not.
• By the way, tuna is the most expensive meat in the world – did you know that?
• Where can we fish with flies and where we cant
• When can we fish with flies and when we can’t

ORCAS (perhaps because of their size and shiny teeth) draw plenty movie exposure. They kill seals and play with boys at the sea aquariums while their fins slowly droop and Mr. M Jackson sings their theme song. (Sounds like something the cops should know about)

Seals are kept in captivity and are manipulated by disgustingly healthy humans wearing SPEEDO swim wear. (Perhaps the cops should be informed on that one as well)

But my take on it is they are nasty and should not be held in captivity.
• You have to feed them whatever the hell it is they eat and often this is done with your hands.
• You have to wash the chlorine off them and then run to the nearest shower so that you do not die from over exposure to chlorine and Dolphin bacteria.
• You have to worry about sagging dorsal fins. Man who cares about the damned fin anyhow?
• You have to brush their teeth. Ugh – I trained my kid to do his own teeth
• Then after feeding them, guess what happens with the digested food.
• Then you have to clean their tanks and pamper and take care of them
• Etc etc etc.

I saw a Japanese monster movie. Cheapo kind where you glimpse the microphone boom all the time and can see the strings that make the hero fly. Granted, the Japanese films are a bit on the unpolished side but then I saw one where the monster was actually sweating from his underarms. Kind of human and I related to him. But… and this is THE BUT. I saw one with “Mechanical Fish” Wow!

They were used for warfare and also to do simple things like race other Mechanical fishes. Kids rode them along with the adults.
No feeding or fish poop. No nothing but some fuel (I think these were the atomic kind) and you are set. WOW.

If that could only be true and if this could happen here on our little island, then a significant amount of worry would be gone and entire 6 page threads would disappear – wouldn’t they. But that will not happen. Why?

Mechanical fish cost a lot of money. – We need to make it not spend it
You have to build them from scratch. – God takes care of that on real live ones
They need REAL maintenance and not bullshit academy studies
Mechanical fishes will not love you – Real ones will love you and you get to love back.
Mechanical ones appreciate strong doses of fuel - Real ones only need a little fish
You can’t leave these mechanical fishes in the water overnight - The lack of activity would damage them and the warrantees would expire.
Can’t set a mechanical fish free since they would try to get away and perhaps look for a mechanical owner or something of that sort. – A real fish will come back to you and the cruelty you dish out.

This fish thing is complicated.
I saw some guy in Orlando standing in a swimming pool saying:
“Here I am again and here is “Flipper” – we are waiting for you to come down and join us in blah blah blah. That damned fish has got to be mechanical. Surely it realizes that these few moments of fame will cause him to die young. But then only the good ….

Want to solve this insatiable appetite for riding on the backs of sea mammals? Simple.
Start ARUBA AHAB PARK (AAP). Go get a real live whale about 200 feet long and offer rides on his back.

AAP will close because while we might have the bucks to ride a little fishy that is friendly, most of us (Ahab excluded) do not have the b…s to ride a whale.

Be well

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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