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PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2007 4:18 am 
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If you stand in a hotel lobby, be it high rise or low – Palm Beach or Eagle Beach, you will find families. They don’t look alike yet differ little. And if you look at these families you will find that within them, the family members shadow each other.

At the Tamarijn not long ago, I saw a Mom and Daughter. They shadowed each other perfectly – yet not.

Mom says “This is my Daughter” and Daughter bashfully looks at Mom and facially says “No kidding Mom”. And then another – more subtle look comes over the child’s face. A look that says – here it comes – Mom is now going to adore me and look at me and talk about me and tell my age and speak her mind - then tell the world it is my mind she refers to. Now be assured that the child communicates this without a word or gesture and with minimal movements. Kind of like cats do when they are lying down with their faces on their paws observing. They lift an eyebrow or move an eye but those little cat faces stay essentially the same.

The conversations continue and eventually the child will take the (what I call) “Little Chick” position. This is essentially under the arm of Mom. And Mom now starts to look at her daughter by looking back through her underarm. Had their faces been frozen still, they would have the exact same tips of the noses and THAT is the final link between them. The unmistaken little signal that says – “World, we are a package”. As they walk away, they seem so much like two shadows reflecting each other. One looks back and so does the other and finally their hands brush and fingers lock. The pool, the ocean, too much sun and the wonderment or our island awaits them. They think they have a choice – they don’t. They are going to be hooked and will return many times over.

Off to the side two men sit watching a large flat screen as the ladies wrap up the planning for the coming weeks’ activities. They look at a baseball game. Next to each of them are two young boys that – at first glance - look absolutely nothing like them at all. Actually the boys are spitting images of each father except they are tattooed, wear ear rings, have ungodly stiff hair that defies wind, wear underwear under their bathing suits, have their bathing suits low and tied with a strap around the waist that actually brings the waist band down to about the thighs, have flip flops that are 100 sizes too big and seem to have been worn by at least 10 previous owners, have a leather thing around their wrists and (most importantly) each has a small silvery box hanging on their necks on a string with two thin wires going to the ears and then disappearing inside into the brain.

The two boys are in control of themselves and their environment until one of them turns around to face his father and mumbles – “Dad, we want to go down to the ‘rock’ and climb it, can we go?” One of the fathers looks at his son and warns him about falling and how he has to be in school in a week and he has just recovered from a sprained wrist and … but by now, the two are shuffling off and walking with their shoulders moving in a ‘Hip-Hop’ cadence motivated by whatever is stuck in their ears.

They pass next to the shadow girl and slow down to look - then notice Mom - and keep on shuffling along. Their complexions tell that they have only been in the double digit age group for a couple of years. They blend into the bodies that linger on the deck and are swallowed up by a ‘bracelet wearing crowd’. All inclusive now includes them. Not more than three steps behind them are their fathers wanting to go to the ‘rock’ also and see (of this I am sure) which son is better.

The sun is hot. Water splashes by the edges of the pool. Sounds float - “Hey sweetie – get me a Blashi”. Another man sits in a pool deck chair with his hand to the side of his head and loudly says – “I don’t care – tell them to go in there and get that job done! Damn I am trying to have a rest down here in Roober” His oily hand moves away from his ear and exposes a cell phone – it is dripping sun tan lotion. The blonde lady next to him picks up the cell phone and tries to wipe it off. Unfortunately, she is using the oily part of the towel. “Geez Marie – Fagetabowrit will ya? Baby the thing is rented”. Marie picks up two red plastic spoons somehow shaped into a single pair of glasses. She lies back into the deck chair, closes her eyes and puts the red spoons on her closed eyelids. Marie, much like Elvis, has left the building. And on any given day, while they are apparently so different, Marie and the oily cell man are shadows of each other.

There is a round oven place where all of those included in the all inclusive get free PIZZA. The two boys decided that the ‘rock’ was a bit much and they sit there chewing and pushing pizza crust into their dental braces. Across from them – on the other side of the round oven area – sits an elderly couple.

The elderly couple sit and watch and look and listen and feel the things around them and without looking at each other much carry on a lipless conversation that is shown by the lifting of an eyebrow or a little smile. The world behind them and the many experiences they have shared has given them the millions of references that make speech a waste of time. He finally wipes his hands with the paper napkin and then folds the napkin into the paper plate in front of him. She does the same thing. They stand-down from the bar chairs and looked at each other, hold hands and walk into the lobby. They do not wear the colored “all-inclusive” bracelets yet – as it applied to each other - were probably the most all inclusive people there.

They shadowed each other not only physically but in their souls and the soul is a hard thing to see even though it is so very big. Their souls were obvious.

A father gets an apple from the front desk clerk and – by using his hands - breaks it in two for his son. The juices of the apple run down to his wrist and he wipes the wetness on his shirt. His son smiles and takes it. The little boy turns his head and bites the apple after looking at his fathers hands and then at the apple. He does the ‘wrist-to-apple’ look a couple of times. The “shadow” lives between them as well.

The shadow girl and her mom probably fade into cover and out of the sun while the hip-hop boys walk and “Jive” and scout a terrain they will not hunt for many years. The cell guy utters to Marie that he is taking “De cell” to “De room” to charge De battrie” and as he leaves, Marie thanks the God of her choice. The two dads have gone back to the game and the older couple sit stiff backed on the bench in front awaiting a bus to come. She is holding a handkerchief in one hand and his hand in the other. He just looks straight ahead and somehow does not have one drop of sweat on him, even though he is wearing a jacket.

For this brief period, the Tamarijn lobby area murmured and the families within shadowed each other. All you had to do was to look.

be well

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